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Ken Jones

Mortgage Processor  //

Ken Jones is our team’s dedicated Mortgage Processor, handling all aspects of the mortgage processing and compliance tasks for our team’s clients only. This essentially focuses on preparing each client’s loan file and financial documentation for the Underwriters Approval, while verifying the accuracy of the information provided as well as pertinent compliance and verification measures that take place.  Once underwriting approval is received, he also works closely with our clients, title companies, insurance agents, and appraisers to gather any additional items or information needed to move the file to a final approval status in underwriting.

With over 30 years of mortgage industry experience in a wide array of industry positions both locally and nationally, Ken takes tremendous joy in applying his depth of knowledge and attention to detail in facilitating a smooth mortgage experience and enjoys the challenge of being a part of this lifechanging event, with a commitment to provide great communication and outstanding customer service along the way.

On a personal level,  Ken has been married to his sweetheart for over 38 years.  During his personal free time, he enjoys active participation in church, is a fitness enthusiast, and appreciates spicy cuisine. 777-2285

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